Appeal: Renovate

Quest 2020

Help us to make this church shine in its former glory!

St Thomas’s is a great example of English Church architecture and is a national treasure. Its beauty needs to be seen again for all to appreciate.

The Lady Chapel

Dating from the 1450s and containing remarkable 17th century alabaster memorials, the Lady Chapel badly needs restoration. Above, a trial cleaning reveals what lies beneath the grime of centuries.

Restoration of similar work from the same period has produced astonishing results.

The Ceilings
Look up and you can only dimly see what, in times past, was once one of the shining glories of St Thomas’s. Centuries of neglect have obscured vividly painted and carved ceilings, including hosts of angels - wonderful decoration! You can see what we are missing from this example of a trial cleaning.
The Stonework

The stonework throughout St Thomas's has also become very dirty and degraded over the years.

Left - Restoration work carried out recently on stonework of a similar type and age in Gloucester Cathedral shows what is possible. St Thomas’s could shine in similar splendour! 

 Other Areas

We hope to renovate all working areas of the church to a similar standard. We have already raised the necessary funds to refurbish our historic organ that used to reside in Salisbury Cathedral, and that work is now under way. To echo the wonderful sounds this instrument will produce, we also want to renovate and restore the organ case to its original colour and configuration.

Help us save the Church of Angels!

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Date 19th Nov 19: 8:00 am - 8:20 am
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