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Stage one of our Quest - to raise £2,000,000 by close of 2020

Established from the earliest beginnings of Salisbury City in the 13th century, St Thomas’s was founded as a place of worship for city dwellers and for those building the nearby cathedral.

The city heritage and role of St Thomas’s is clearly visible in the traces and signage of the townspeople who helped fund it - the Swaynes, Ludlows, Nichols and Hungerfords being prominent. Also big windows help create a close identification with the city from the inside.

Vestiges of the 13th Century origins can be glimpsed in the Chancel but mostly the church is a rich example of 15th century English Perpendicular. Look up and the ceilings are sumptuous with crested and painted beams – and hosts of carved angels!

The south Lady Chapel from about 1450 has medieval nativity scenes, fine classical reredos and fragments of medieval glass, including The Virgin with lilies.

But the biggest claim to fame for St Thomas’s is the famous ‘Doom painting’, dating from 1470 and dominating the chancel arch. Painted over in 1593 and uncovered in 1881 its Victorian restoration has not disguised its historic origins, nor distorted its medieval appearance and, although urgently in need of restoration, it represents a church treasure of international importance.

800 years serving the community at the heart of the city


The Doom paintingThe Clerestory - The soft limestone pillars and window surrounds, particularly on the south side, have become porous, crumbling and fragile. If work is not undertaken there is a real danger of instability and collapse.

The Doom Painting - This has faded badly since previous restoration work. Plaster is now lifting and paint flaking. Fixing the image and applying sympathetic restoration and renewal is vital to help preserve this unique artefact

Mending and Refurbishing the Floor - The old wood block flooring and stone slab surround have become loose, unstable and a proven hazard to users and visitors. To meet modern health and safety regulations it needs to be re-laid, smoothed and refinished.


The OrganThe Organ - The organ itself is undergoing a much needed refurbishment and enhancement. To meet the expectations of the wonderful sounds due to emanate from the instrument the case needs to be repainted and refinished to the same standard of refurbishment.

The Ceilings - These are part of the hidden glories of St Thomas’s! Hidden because their wonderful appearance is concealed under centuries of grime! Our hosts of angels peer down and hard to detect in the gloom. It is essential we renovate and bring to light the wonderful ornamentation, colours and decoration of these outstanding examples of church building.

Restoration and Cleaning of Wood and Stone Work - Centuries of use has covered all surfaces in grime. The true beauty of St Thomas’s lies under this undesirable patina. Removing this mask of dirt from the interior stone and wood plus refurbishing the Quire area are a key part of our restoration Appeal.

The Lady ChapelThe Lady Chapel - Dating from the 1450s this area, in addition to the effects of time, has been subject in the past to some unsympathetic Victorian ‘restoration’. This needs to be remedied to fully bring to light the beauty and true colour of the ceiling, panelling and the 17th century alabaster Eyre memorial, another one of the treasures of St Thomas’s.

Refurbishment of Church Working Areas - In a living church there are a number of spaces or rooms set aside for church community use or worship preparation. These include the vestry, choir rehearsal room, St Michael’s meeting room, the children’s crèche/play area and our peoples’ vestry catering space. These areas have been neglected and urgently need re-planning, new decoration and refurbishment.


Lighting - It would not be sensible to undertake major restoration and refurbishments and then not take the opportunity to reveal their beauties in the most effective way. Modern lighting systems with low voltage units can bring to life and enhance a church interior as never before. This will be a vital adjunct and finishing touch to our refurbishment and reordering programme.

Renewed Electrics and Rewiring - A patchwork of extension leads and sockets litter the church creating an unsightly appearance and potential safety hazard. The electrical system needs replacement to fully meet modern standards.

ChoirA demountable dais and concert staging - We need a modular, flexible and movable system commensurate with worship, concert or event requirements.

Information and communication system - To enhance the visitor experience to St Thomas’s we need to utilise the latest digital technology. Introducing screens or interactive information points, with enhanced graphics, videos and explanations, could have a very positive influence on visitors and members.

Sound System - Providing an efficient and easy to use sound system is a prerequisite of any busy church. Our system has long been in need of replacement, especially as we need to provide the appropriate standard of PA facilities for events and concerts.

Providing appropriate Toilet Facilities - If our church is to be extensively used for events, concerts and entertainment it is vital that our toilet arrangements are of a s tandard comparable with elsewhere. They need to meet proper health and safety regulations, including disabled access.

Improved Storage and Interior Appearance - There is an urgent need to provide appropriate storage for books, equipment and church goods. Clearing away the present ‘clutter’ would greatly enhance the interior appearance of the church.

Movable seatingHeating - Providing warmth for churches is an expensive business. To minimise costs we need to install an eco- friendly and efficient system utilising the latest control and zonal heating technology

New movable seating - The replacement of fixed pews with wooden benches and chairs will allow complete freedom of space use within St Thomas’s. Layouts appropriate to particular worship or event requirements could be quickly and easily achieved.

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