Praying Together
5th March 2013
10:00 - 10:30
All are welcome to join us for a quiet half hour in a busy week – a peaceful way to begin a day.
We meet together in unity, which is what God wants, and is powerful in itself. We rest and receive, and in doing so, we encounter transformation.

The prayers are led by one person, with silences where appropriate, with opportunities for others to offer a prayer either aloud or silently. There is no pressure placed upon anyone to say or do anything, we just gather together and we are led in the power of the Spirit and in unity with Christ.

We pray for people, places, events for which we have a concern. This may begin with our church and its activities, but also reaches beyond it into our community, our country, our world.
People are a focus of our concerns – those in need of prayer for many reasons. All that is offered is strictly confidential.
Also, a focus of our prayers, are the written prayer requests placed upon our Prayer Board, which is
located in the Lady Chapel.
Meet in the St Michael's Room in church which can be found just at the end of teh children's play area.
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