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We hope that this page will give you news in our church and plans we have for the future.

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Parish Day - March

Parish Day 2016

A fascinating time was had by many members of the congregation at the Parish Day in March. You can read the full report here of what was discussed, said and felt by those attending.

New St Thomas's website underway

St Thomas's is very pleased to be working with Salisbury web developers Webbed Feet on a new website for the Church - keep watching this space for more updates as we get the designs finalised and go public soon. Once the new site is ready, we'll be organising training for everyone who'll be involved in keeping it up to date, and we'd be pleased to hear feedback from all who use it.

A new clockface

Old clockface is removed

The clock face on the tower looks small from ground level but is actually 10 square feet. Roger Hardy built a new face of marine ply with mahogany mouldings with gold leaf numerals and decorations – a magnificent job that looked great and lasted some 30 years. A couple of years ago, it became clear that it had deteriorated considerably and would need repair or replacement.

During the tendering process, photos taken close up by one of the tenderers showed that repair was unlikely to be practicable. The contract for complete replacement was won by The Cumbria Clock Company of Penrith and a significant factor in their success was that they could do the work using steeplejacks rather than from a huge scaffolding against the tower. Further, they would paint the face onto stainless steel which would be attached to the wooden backing; this should last longer than just a wooden face. The old face was taken down on 3rd September 2013 and all the face detail was traced and photographed; the new face is to exactly the same design.

The photos and videos show the new face arriving and being installed on  22nd, 23rd & 24th January by David McVicar and Luke Ridge of Cumbria Clock and Arthur Needham and Richard Martin, steeplejacks. Each of the backing halves weighs about 2.5 cwt so getting them up working from ropes was no mean feat but David McVicar had planned in very great detail all aspects of the job and it went without a hitch; the expertise and teamwork of the steeplejacks was also most impressive. Pity the cameraman (me) was not nearly so professional!
Nigel Orchard February 2014.”

New clockface arrives The new and old clockfaces Bottom half of clockface on its way up the tower Bottom half of clockface nearly in place
The new clockface arrives The new and old clockfaces in the South Churchyard The bottom half of the new clockface begins it way aloft Steeplejack securing the bottom half of the clockface

Dryathlon - St T's Tipplers

This January a small group of dedicated folk from St Thomas's have teamed up to take on Dryathlon® to raise money for Cancer Research UK. They will all be ditching the drink for one month to help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. Please dig deep and donate now. Go to their JustGiving page here. To find out more about Cancer Research's Dryathlon, click here.


Lottery News for St Thomas's House

Great Lottery news! As we developed plans to adapt the first floor of St Thomas’s house so that it better fits the needs of the church and general community we applied for a grant to help with the costs. We have been given a conditional offer of a grant from The Big Lottery Fund, Awards for All scheme for £9,980.
We have been able to modify the rooms on the first floor to give 2 good sized rooms and to add 2 toilets and a kitchenette. We will be holding an open day to offer you the opportunity to see the new rooms. 

News from the Gardeners

The proceeds from the garden sale are being used for projects in the gardens. So far the major purchases have been a second compost tumbler and we have planted the tubs in the south churchyard with herbs and scented plants to provide a sensory area.

We were able to buy all the plants from Glenholme Herbs in the Saturday Market. Why not visit the churchyard through the gate next to Café Nero in Minster St? See the variety of foliage and crush the plant leaves gently to appreciate the different scents. The plants are labelled with possible uses.

A Food 'Hub' for Salisbury

We have some exciting news for you! The Canterbury room in St Thomas’s House has been selected to hold a ‘hub’ connected to the Pantry Partnership. The following written by Fiona Ollerhead explains this in more detail:

The Pantry Partnership runs cooking parties in people’s homes and in community venues that raise funds to support food projects. The Pantry Partnership supports communities in Ghana to buy fuel- efficient stoves, drastically improving the health of the recipients and reducing local deforestation. In addition, The Pantry Partnership is setting up a ‘hub’ where isolated and/or food needy people can come to eat communally through sharing meals, using surplus, locally sourced foods and bringing isolated people together as well as working towards reducing local food wastage.

The Pantry Partnership and the team of volunteers will raise funds for the hub through a variety of events. These will vary from cooking parties to larger community events, all inevitably, involving food! The model works on being resourceful and using what is offered and available whilst always cooking up a good hearty meal for the community.

The hub will initially open once per week at lunchtime and will be run by a team of volunteers who may vary each week and who will be led by a ‘hub leader’. Volunteers will be trained to relevant food hygiene standards and will take on varying roles, from fund raising, to cooking, to washing up, food collection and serving – oh and of course, keeping track of finances! Food will be collected in the early morning, a suitable menu will be planned and the food will be cooked in St Thomas’s House kitchens. A lunchtime meal will then be served in the Canterbury room to needy people in the local Salisbury community.

We aim to engage the community and collaborate as much as possible. After all, we are all about bringing communities together! We would like to welcome in volunteers who can offer anything from a good idea to a regular commitment and we’d also be open to offers of any gluts or surpluses of raw foodstuffs (e.g. fruit, vegetables, eggs, dairy, bread) from gardeners, allotment groups, restaurant/ café owners or local shops.

We also hold some non-food related events to raise profit via other means, such as through days out and awareness- raising events. We even hold golf days, where of course, we also enjoy a great meal!

Profits are redistributed, locally and globally, into social environments for the purpose of providing meals, cooking equipment and related items and/or nutritional education to vulnerable groups in the UK, Ghana, India and around the world.

Twin your Pantry! For only £10 you can twin your pantry with another pantry somewhere else in the world!

You'll receive a certificate with a photograph of your pantry's foreign twin to put in pride of place in your kitchen! Your purchase ensures we can support more pantries around the world and creates a real-time link between your families.

If you’d like to get involved or just find out some more please visit www.thepantrypartnership.org or contact Fiona on info@thepantrypartnership.org

Friday Fundraising Café

We are now taking bookings from anyone wanting to run a charity coffee morning on a Friday in St Thomas’s House. If are you connected to a charity that might be interested in running a Friday Café from 10am – 2pm please contact the office on  office@stthomassalisbury.co.uk

The Friends of St Thomas and St Edumund's Church

We are pleased to announce the formation of the ‘Friends of St Thomas and St Edmund’s Church, Salisbury’.

This is to be a charitable organisation that aims to:

  • raise the profile of the parish,

  • support our services, visitor and education activities, and

  • support the parish in terms of fundraising for the fabric of the building and its contents. 

There is a Friends' Committee and a group of Trustees which have experts in the relevant fields as well as individuals who represent the wider community of Salisbury. 

We are delighted to announce that we are separate from, but will work closely with the Parochial Church Council (PCC).

There is to be a membership scheme to encourage participation in our work - more information on this will be available in the near future.

The Friends of St Thomas and St Edmund’s Church, Salisbury will be hosting regular events that will be social, cultural or entertainment in nature. More information on our work and future events will be posted onto our own page of this website: The Friends.  Please contact the Parish Office if you are interested in our activities.

The Organ

The PCC has decided unanimously that when the organ is restored opportunity should be taken to enhance aspects of the pipework and improve sound egress towards the Nave by re-orientating the instrument by 90 degrees in its present location. This is intended to address long standing issues of the instrument's carrying power and to enable the pipes of the Great Organ to face towards the congregation as originally intended. According to our architect's measures this will leave a viable 1200 mm (approx 4 feet) access width from the north aisle to the vestry. Disabled ramps and community space in the kitchen area would not be affected.

These changes are favoured by our independent consultant, Canon Dr Nicholas Thistlethwaite and by the Diocesan Organ Adviser. They are also recommended strongly by our organists. The cost of restoration will be in the region of £300K plus VAT subject to further detailed negotiation and whether the organ case is additionally restored as also recommended. No contracts will be entered into until funding is secured which is likely to be some considerable time into the future. The church will now make preparations in collaboration with our preferred contractor, Mander Organs of London, to approach the Diocese formally for a faculty and to develop a fund raising plan aimed at grant awarding heritage bodies and the wider community with an interest in the preservation of historic instruments of this kind. Further updates will follow as the project develops.

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Mission Action Plan

We have a Mission Action Plan or MAP.  We are very excited about where this MAP will take us in our journey with God.

There are 3 three main objectives:

(a)     we want to nurture a confident Christian community

(b)     we want to respond to God’s activity among us and in our community

(c)      we want a flexible church space to enable us to respond to God’s mission

It was developed following an Audit that was compiled in 2010 by a group from our congregation.  We hope to address the needs and hopes of our congregation by carring out the actions detailed in the MAP.The MAP has been developed from these three main objectives and includes a series of actions and deadlines that are intended to make the MAP tangible and achievable.  The actions build on current activities and ambitions and introduce new elements to the life of St Thomas’s, e.g. a new “formation course”, new communications officers, a new family worker and new drive to nurture our current young people

The actions for each goal are listed below.  For more details click here to view the full Mission Action Plan document:

Objective 1 ~ nurture a confident Christian community

  1. Design and launch the "Formation Course" which addresses the desire to become more 'confident'.
  2. Review the prayer life of the parish in order to nurture and develop a confident Christian Community
  3. Review pattern of House and Study Groups
  4. Improved communications both internally and externally, including the promotion of events and new initiatives
  5. Development of authorised Ministry at all levels
  6. Nurturing our current young people

Objective 2 ~ respond to God’s activity

  1. Organise a Celebration Day
  2. Liturgical / Worship Development to nurture all members of our community
  3. Development of our Welcome
  4. Outward engagement

Objective 3 ~ a flexible church space

  1. Order the church building to reflect our ambitions for our role as a City Centre Church in 2011+
  2. Reflect upon how our parish is of wider Community Benefit
  3. Hospitality to the business community

St Thomas's House is our Parish Centre next to the church.  We have a lovely room, well equipped kitchen and garden which are available for hire for business meetings, training, lectures, receptions & private gatherings. For further information, please click here to see our latest prices.  For bookings email: office@stthomassalisbury.co.uk

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