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Electoral Roll 2013


Electoral Roll 2013

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What is the Church Electoral Roll?

In the Church of England, it is your parish's register of electors; it is the list of those qualified to vote at the annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) where the elections take place for: The Parochial Church Council (The PCC), and the parish's representatives on the Deanery Synod.
The Electoral Roll is also our membership list, the number we can count upon as committed members of St Thomas’s. Each church has an electoral roll officer. Your Electoral Roll Officer at St Thomas’s is Lynn Kinsey who is also Parish Manager.

The more formal information: The Church Electoral Roll must be accurately kept. To achieve accuracy the roll is revised annually and the new Roll is reported at the APCM. The Roll is used to determine eligibility for attendance and participation at the annual parochial church meeting and for election to the parochial church council. It is also used to determine eligibility for election to the deanery, diocesan and general synods. In addition it is used for the calculation of the number of representatives who may be elected to each of these synods in the following year.
Every sixth year, instead of a revision, a completely new Roll has to be prepared.
In 2013 it is necessary to prepare a new roll.

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Why do we want you to complete a form?

1. Being a member of the electoral roll gives you the opportunity to have your say. This will include giving you a vote at the APCM. (You are not on the electoral roll unless you complete a form).

2. It allows us to maintain our records accurately.

3. The number of people on the roll makes no difference to the amount we pay the Diocese.

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The answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Who is the Electoral Roll for?
The Church Electoral Roll is for lay persons only. Retired clergy are still clergy and therefore not eligible for inclusion.

2. Who can be included on the Roll?
To be entitled to be included on the Roll a lay person must be:

a. Baptised
b. over 16 years of age on or before the date of the annual parochial church meeting.
c. either - a member of the Church of England, or a Church in Communion with the Church of England, and resident in the parish. (There is no requirement to go to church regularly).
or - a member of the Church of England, or a Church in communion with the Church of England, and resident in another parish, but habitually attending worship in the chosen parish for at least 6 months prior to enrolment (unless prevented from doing so by illness or other sufficient cause).
or - a member of a Church subscribing to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, such as Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, URC, etc (in other words, most mainstream Christian churches but not, for example, Unitarians or Jehovah's Witnesses) and prepared to declare themselves a member of the Church of England, and having habitually attended worship in the chosen parish for at least 6 months prior to enrolment.
d. A person must also have signed an application form for enrolment.

3. Can I be on more than one Electoral Roll?
A person can be on the Roll of several parishes if fulfilling the above criteria, but can only use one parish for the purposes of membership of the PCC, elections to synods, etc.

4. When can I add my name to the Roll?
Names can be added to or removed from the Roll during the course of the year, except between the completion of the Roll and the close of the APCM. All such changes must be reported to the next meeting of the PCC.

5. I live in the Parish; won't I automatically be on the Roll?
Living in the parish will not automatically add you to the electoral roll.

6. I attend St Thomas's Church regularly; won't I automatically be on the Roll?
Coming to church regularly, giving regularly or completing a welcome slip will not automatically add you to the electoral roll.

7. How do I add my name to the Roll?
You can only be added to the electoral roll if you complete, sign and return your form to the electoral roll officer.

8. How can I remove my name from the Roll?
You can be removed from the electoral roll by writing to the electoral roll officer.

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What will happen next?

On 11 Feb 2013 the current electoral roll will be closed.

From 12 Feb 2013 until 12 March 2013 forms will be available to collect and complete and return to the parish office.

From 13 March 2013 until 6 April 2013 a new roll will be prepared.

From 7 April 2013 until 25 April 2013 the new roll will be available to view so that errors can be corrected in time to present at the APCM.

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