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Lent 2013 and The Trussell Trust

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St Thomas's has chosen the Trussell Trust as its charity for our Lent Giving this year. We would like to encourage you join in with the appeal to Give it Up for Foodbanks this year.  

  1. Choose something to give up
  2. Decide whether it is for a day or a week or all of Lent
  3. Donate what you save

Foodbank shopping list

Text: FBUK12 plus the amount £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10. e.g. FBUK12 £10 to 70070

 Donate online: www.trusselltrust.org/donate

You might find it helpful to tell us what you would like to give up.  If so, click here to let us know what you are giving up.If you would like to send us a photo of yourself holding a card stating what you are giving up - please email lent@stthomassalisbury.co.uk and we will put the best online.

The Trussell Trust is a local Salisbury charity which works to empower local communities to combat poverty and exclusion in the UK and Bulgaria. St Thomas's collects food for the local foodbank on the first Sunday of every month - there is a shopping trolley at the back of church for your donations.

View a Foodbank shopping list.

Don't forget that if money is tight, you can give up time. Think about who would really benefit from some of your time.  Could you share a cuppa, do some shopping, tidy up someone's garden?

We have a range of events going on in Lent

12 Feb 7pm Pancake Supper at Salisbury Methodist Church. 
2 Mar 9am Donations Day.  Please bring small electrical items, Easter Eggs or food for the Food Bank to St Thomas’s Church.
3 Mar 10am Food Bank donations please - or Easter Eggs
8 Mar 10am Friday Café Tea and Lunch in St Thomas’s House. 
10 Mar 10.15am Mothering Sunday Service
26 Mar 1.10pm Easter for Busy People Service
29 Mar 11am Procession of Witness from the Cathedral carrying our wooden cross to the Guildhall where we will distribute 500 Hot Cross Buns.

Why not pick up a money box? As usual, we have the white money boxes available at the back of church that you can pick up, take home and fill with loose change for this Lent Appeal. This money can be gift aided to the Appeal if you use one of the yellow envelopes found at the back of church for your donation at the end of Lent.

Promises so far ...

♦ I have taken up buying food and chocolate in Lent for the Trussell Trust.
Pat Inglis St Thomas’s Church.

♦ I have given up cake for Lent. The money I save will go to the Trussell Trust.
Jane Miller, St Thomas’s Church.

♦ I have taken up saving all the 20p pieces I get in Lent for the Trussell Trust.
Lynn Kinsey, St Thomas’s Church.

♦ I have given up butter and mayonnaise for Lent.  The money I save will go to the Trussell Trust.
Fi Green, St Thomas’s Church

♦ The contents of our 'change box' will go to the Trussell Trust. Sara, St Thomas's Church

Rev'd David Linaker in the Pancake Race


Promises made during the Pancake Race on 12 Feb included giving up cake, chocolate, cider, worrying about being tidy, weekday wine, swearing. There were also pledges to take up keeping fit, joining a Lent Course, joining the Mothers' Union and doing 5,000 steps a day to get fit. Thank you everyone.  Don't forget to donate at the end of Lent.

Let us know what you are Giving Up for Foodbanks and we will add you to the list. Email: lent@stthomassalisbury.co.uk

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