Helping at a Service

Worship is the primary calling of all Christians. For many of us, that just means turning up, which is all any of us needs to do. However, there are many people in St Thomas's who feel called to take a particular responsibility in helping to support the worship of the people of God. If you'd like to join in, we'd love to have you. Various roles are described below, or talk to one of the clergy who can tell you more about it all. Most roles in a service are done on a rota basis, so you are unlikely to be called on too often.

Readers at Sunday services

Would you like to read one of the lessons from Holy Scripture at a Sunday service? Readers are always needed for these services, which take place at 10:15am and 6pm (4pm in the darker months). Reading a lesson is a great way to be further involved without requiring a large investment of time. If you would like to be involved (even if you feel a little nervous!) speak to one of the clergy. For current readers click on the duty rota, then click the Readers tab at the bottom for the appropriate month.

Sidespeople at Sunday services

Sidespeople are normally the first people somebody arriving for worship will see. It is therefore a hugely important role, and we are always looking for more people who are willing to give a small amount of their time and their friendliness to fulfill it! Please talk with one of the churchwardens if you are interested. The sidespeople rota is managed offline.


'Server' is a general term for the people who have particular roles in the liturgy, such as the crucifer (carries the processional cross) or the acolytes (they carry processional candles). If you think you might enjoy being up front of the congregation, but you're not keen to have a speaking role, this might be just the thing for you. Contact one of the clergy to find out more. Servers may, in time, wish to become a lay deacon or lay sub-deacon. Training is given for all new servers!


Members of the congregation are involved in leading the prayers of intercession every Sunday morning at the 10.15am service. Training in preparing prayers and leading the congregation through them is given. Please speak to a member of the clergy to find out more.

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