A funeral is an important time to honour and give thanks for a person's life, as well as a time to say goodbye. The Christian faith believes very strongly that life does not end with death, but goes on in the eternal peace and rest of God. We place our hope in Jesus Christ who died and was raised again, and we believe in resurrection to new life in God's new creation.

Conducting funerals is an important part of the ministry of St Thomas's, and our clergy are available to lead services both in the church and at the crematorium.

Organising a funeral is usually done by your funeral director, and they will approach the church on your behalf. Once this has been done you will be contacted by one of our clergy team to discuss what you wish for the service. Thinking through what you wish for a service can seem daunting, but our clergy team are experienced in conducting funerals and are happy to help you through the process.

Please feel free to contact the Parish Office or one of the clergy if you have any questions.



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