Mar 28

Holy Week

We commemorate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the desolation of the cross before waking to the joy of the Resurrection on Easter Day.

At St Thomas's we observe Holy Week with many different events and activities to help us commemorate and celebrate this most important period in the Christian year. All are very welcome to join us, whether for a service or simply to use the quiet of the church for personal prayer.

  Sunday 9th April

Palm Sunday - Jesus willingly enters into Jerusalem, knowing that doing so is a decisive decision to continue to move toward the Cross

08:00  Holy Communion (BCP)
10:15  Parish Communion with a Street Procession from St Thomas’s Square and dramatic reading of the  Gospel narrative.
18:00  Palm Sunday Three Churches Joint Service at the URC.

  Monday 10th April 10:30  Holy Communion (BCP)
19:00  Reflection ‘Who’s  to blame: the Romans?’ with 
Rev’d Robert Prance followed by Compline for Holy Week in Church
  Tuesday 11th April 12:15  Holy Communion (BCP)
13:00  Lent Talk given by Rev’d Jonathan Plows followed by a simple lunch.
19:00  Reflection ‘Who’s to blame: the Jews?’ with Rev’d Robert Prance including reflective music      followed by Compline for Holy Week in Church
  Wednesday 12th April 08:00  Holy Communion (CW1)
19:00  Reflection ‘Who’s to blame: Judas?’ with Rev’d
Robert Prance including reflective music followed by Compline for Holy Week in Church
  Thursday 13th April

Maundy Thursday - Jesus institutes the Eucharist – a sharing in His body and blood in way only possible because He will give His body over to death for us.

09:30  Holy Communion (BCP)

11:00  Chrism Service Salisbury Cathedral

19:30  Maundy Thursday Eucharist with Washing of hands. A joint Three Churches Service at St Thomas’s Church followed by the stripping of the church and the Keeping of the Watch.

  Friday 14th April

Good Friday - we observe His scourging, crucifixion and death.

09:30  The Liturgy of the Sacrament for Good Friday 

11:00 Churches Together Salisbury Walk of Witness
from the Cathedral to the Market Square.

14:00  The Liturgy of the Cross

  Saturday 15th April

The Church will have a quiet space for prayer and contemplation throughout the day.

19:00 Reflective Worship for Holy Saturday

  Sunday 16th April

Easter Sunday - we celebrate His bodily resurrection, the “death of death in the death of Christ” and our hope for life everlasting through Him.

5:00 Easter Vigil Salisbury Cathedral

08:00 Holy Communion (BCP)

10:15 Parish Communion

18:00 Choral Evensong for Easter Day


Upcoming Events

24th Apr 17: 8:00 am - 8:20 am

24th Apr 17: 10:30 am - 11:00 am

25th Apr 17: 8:00 am - 8:20 am

25th Apr 17: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

25th Apr 17: 10:00 am - 10:30 am

Sunday Services

8.00 am - Holy Communion

10.15 am - Parish Communion

6.00pm - Evensong


Services in the week


8.00 am - Morning Prayer

10.30 am - Holy Communion  


8.00 am - Morning Prayer

10.00 am - Prayer Group


8.00 am - Holy Communion


8.00 am - Morning Prayer


8.00 am - Morning Prayer

9.30 am - Holy Communion