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Sermons at St Thomas's:

15th September 2019: Revd Kelvin Inglis reflects on God's abundant grace and the nature of true evangelism in the form of a Christian life full of the values of the Kingdom (Readings 00:00-04:06, Gospel 04:08-06:13, Sermon 06:15-20:17, Intercessions 20:19-24:09, Notices 24:12-end).

8th September 2019: 'Whoever comes to Me and does not hate father and itself, can not be My disciple' The Revd Wendy Cooper sheds light on Christ's troubling words (Readings 00:00-05:50; Gospel 05:50-08:10; sermon 08:10-23:15; intersessions 23:15-29:15; notices 29:15-end)

1st September 2019: Unavailable

25th August 2019: Tom Clammer invites us to think of the Sabbath as an essential time but any time in the week when we stop being busy and delight in the Lord. By nature this results in Worship and a spiritually balanced life. (Lessons 00:00-04:25; Gospel 04:25-06:25; sermon 06:25-20:20; intersessions 20:20-25:40; notices 25:40-end)

18th August 2019: No recording - Churches together at the Methodist church

11th August 2019: Keep hold of a vision of a Heavenly Jerusalem Revd Kelvin Inglis asks. And live today as citizens of that Heavenly place. A place which is not only a long way off but also here and now (Readings 00:00-04:05; Gospel 04:05-05:55; sermon 05:55-20:55; intersessions 20:55-30:00; notices 30:00-end)

4th August 2019: The Revd Kelvin Inglis asks us question what we consider to be our treasures and what we should do with them. He reminds us that the best treasures are only kept by giving them away (Readings 00:00-04:00; Gospel 04:00-06:05; sermon 06:05-21:20; intersessions 21:20-25:25; notices 25:25-end)

28th July 2019: Revd Kelvin Inglis unpicks problematical images of God in scripture, exploring the true nature of God as love and encouraging us to consider others' experiences of 'Him' aswell as our own (Readings 00:00-04:47, Gospel 04:48-07:19, Sermon 07:20-19:57, Intercessions 19:59-23:49, Notices 23:50-end)

21st July 2019: with scaffolding newly in place in the nave, the Revd Wendy Cooper uses the story of Jesus at Martha and Mary's house from Luke's gospel to illustrate how we need to understand the new season we are entering as we begin to repair, renovate and renew our church building (Readings 00:00-04:56, Gospel 04:58-06:20, Sermon 06:21-21:17, Intercessions 21:20-25:58, Notices 26:00-end)

14th July 2019: As the Revd Jonathan Plows presides for the last time at St Thomas's, he uses his own experience to describe how God's calling 'God moments' can be uncomfortable and challenging but if followed, fruitful and fulfilling (Readings 00:00-04:50; Gospel 04:50-07:15; sermon 07:15-22:30; intercessions 22:30-27:55; notices 27:55-end)

7th July 2019: at our Patronal festival, Revd Selina Deacon ponders the importance of names and of understanding that we are all known intimately by God.  She reflects on the calling of Thomas à Becket and encourages us in the storms of our lives always to be expecting and listening for the still small voice of calm (Readings 00:00-02:57, Gospel 02:59-03:47, Sermon 03:59-13:51, Intercessions 13.55-19.00, Notices 19:01-end)

30th June 2019: Revd Kelvin Inglis uses the reading from Paul's letter to the Galatians to concoct a fruit salad of the spirit, importantly containing the banana of self-control, and Lt Col Neil Stace, the Sewing Soldier, reflects on the Flags of Thanks display (Reading 00:00-01:39, Gospel 01:40-03:28, Sermon 03:29-18:32, Intercessions 18:34-23:12, Notices 23:13-end)

23rd June 2019:  Looking at the account of the Gerasene Demoniac, Revd Tom Clammer describes how Christ brings calm amidst and out of chaos (Readings 00:00-03:45; Gospel 03:45-06:57; sermon 06:57-22:15; prayers 22:15-27:30; notices 27:30-end)

16th June 2019: Three churches together this Trinity Sunday with the Revd David Hookins of the Salisbury Methodist church illuminating the Doctrine of The Trinity (Readings 00:00-02:55; Gospel 02:55-04:05; sermon 04:05-17:25; Arrow prayers from the congregation 17:25-24:06; notices 24:06-end)

9th June 2019: This Pentecost, Revd Robert Prance reminds us that the Holy Spirit is present with us in the Now and always has been and will be. (Readings 00:00-05:50; Gospel 05:50-08:12; sermon 08:12-25:00; prayers 25:00-30:30; notices 30:30-end)

2nd June 2019: illustrating the period of loss and hope between Ascension and Pentecost with the epic story of Shackleton's South Atlantic expedition, Revd Kelvin Inglis reminds us that we are called to be Jesus, present in and open to the world, with hearts of flesh, as we pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit (Readings 00:00-04:28, Gospel 04:29-06:21, Sermon 06:22-17:44, Intercessions 17:56-24:03, Notices 24:04-end)

26th May 2019: Revd Tom Clammer asks us to be fully involved in the secular world but from a transformed, Christian heart. (Readings 00:00-05:40; Gospel 05:40-07:30; sermon 07:30-20:20; prayers 20:20-24:25; notices 24:25-end)





































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