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Sermons at St Thomas's:

26th May 2019: Revd Tom Clammer asks us to be fully involved in the secular world but from a transformed, Christian heart. (Readings 00:00-05:40; Gospel 05:40-07:30; sermon 07:30-20:20; prayers 20:20-24:25; notices 24:25-end)

19th May 2019: Civic Service.  Revd Sarah Wood-Roe, the Mayor's Chaplain, uses the parable of the Good Samaritan to illustrate how we can grow and prosper as a community by recognising our shared humanity with our neighbours and connecting with them (Introduction and prayer for the city 00:00-03:03, Gospel reading 03:03-05:59, Sermon 06:01-17:30, Prayers 17:32-20:41, Notices, National Anthem and Blessing 20:41-end)

12th March 2019: On vocation Sunday, Revd Wendy Cooper reminds us that we are all called to service, being a part of the Body of Christ. When weary, Wendy suggests we take strength and courage by stopping, looking up, seeing and marvelling at the varied lives around us in Christ's Body (Readings 00:00-05:25; Gospel 05:25-07:18; sermon 07:18-22:05; prayers 22:05-27:45; notices 27:45-end)

5th March 2019: Revd Kelvin Inglis sees the last chapter of John's Gospel, chapter 21 as an 'epilogue' - essential witness beyond the close of chapter 20 and our lives as Christians, a living epilogue bringing the Gospels into today. (Readings 00:00-03:06; Gospel 03:06-06:50; sermon 06:50-22:00; prayers 22:00-28:30; notices 28:30-end)

28th April 2019: Revd Robert Prance recounts the tale of Don Quijote's reluctance to see life as it is.  Christians, whilst seeing life as it is, are enabled by the events of Easter to dream the impossible dream and see life as it should be (Readings 00:00-05:35, Gospel 05:35-08:33, Sermon 08:33-20:10, Intercessions 20:10-25:13, Notices 25:13-end)

21st April 2019: Easter Day family communion - Jesus Christ is risen today!  (Readings and Gospel 00:00-09:10, Sermon 09:10-22:20, Intercessions 22:20-27:50, Notices 27:50-end)

14th April 2019: Palm Sunday eucharist with the Passion narrative according to Luke (Readings 00:00-3:04, Passion narrative 03:08-12:45, Intercessions 12:48-end)  Unable to record the Liturgy of the Palms and the Notices, because of technical problems

7th April 2019: Revd Kelvin Inglis reflects on Mary's act of devotion and generosity in annointing Jesus' feet with costly perfume and encourages us to spread the beautiful perfume of generosity wherever we go (Readings 00:00-04:08, Gospel 04:10-05:47, Sermon 05:48-12:16, Intercessions 12:17-15:46, Notices 15:47-end)

31st March 2019: On Mothering Sunday, The Venerable Alan Jeans, Archdeacon of Sarum, looks at the Parable of the Prodigal son and finds the hallmarks of a mother's love and influence on the father and wider household (Readings 00:00-02:18; Gospel 02:18-06:21; sermon 06:21-18:45; prayers 18:45-20:55; children's choir 20:55-22:55; notices 22:55-end)

24th March 2019: Revd Kelvin Inglis discusses what it is to bear good fruit as a Christian and the challenge of prophets giving tough messages in our own time as well as in biblical times (Readings 00:00-04:23, Gospel 04:25-06:06 [first three sentences missing due to technical problem], Sermon 06:06- 25:26, Intercessions 25.30-30.58, Notices 31:00-36:42)

17th March 2019: Revd Kelvin Inglis explores the family likeness of the Christian community (Readings 00:00-04:46, Gospel 04:48-06:29, Sermon 06:32-19:57, Intercessions 19:57-25:52, Notices 25:53-end)


































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