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Sermons at St Thomas's:

15th July 2018: The Revd Wendy Cooper, having survived her skydive, talks about Christ being our reference point, our plumb-line in life. (Gospel 00:00-03:40; sermon 03:45-16:50; prayers 17:00-23:45; notices 24:00-30:16)

8th July 2018: Rose petal Sunday. Service unavailable.

1st July 2018: The Revd Dominic Thornton, associate priest at St. Thomas's talks about the power and depth of Christ's healing in individuals and society as a whole (Gospel 00:00-03:45; sermon 03:45-11:55; prayers 11:55-18:00; notices 18:10-20:40)

24th June 2018: On this the feast day of John the Baptist, the Revd Kelvin Inglis, rector of St. Thomas's tells us what it means to be Baptised into Christ's church with the freedom and responsibility it brings. (Gospel 00:00-02:02; sermon 02:03-17:25; prayers 17:38-22:12; notices 22:16-25:10)

17th June 2018: Churches Together service with The Revd Ana Gobledale preaching on not judging people from what is on the outside but instead find and help reveal Christ's image on the inside. (Reading 00:00-04:40; introduction 4:40-06:50; Gospel 06:30-09:25; sermon 09:30-26:16; prayers 26:25-31:45; notices 31:50-34:10)

10th June 2018: The  Revd Charlie Allen, associate priest at St. Thomas's challenges us to love all people as Christ loves all. By placing some people beyond our love, we do the same to Christ. (Gospel 00:00-02:30; sermon 02:30-13:05; prayers 13:05-19:05)

3rd June 2018: Service unavailable

27th May 2018: The Revd Charlie Allen talks about relationships, reflecting on Isaiah's relationship with God and looking at our dynamic and challenging relationship with The Holy Trinity  (Gospel 00:00-03:00; sermon 03:00-16:00; prayers 16:00-22:09)

20th May 2018: Service unavailable

13th May 2018: Sophie and Alex from the Bridge Youth Project tell us about their invaluable work in schools, creatively taking the Gospel and placing it in the hearts of children. (Gospel - not recorded; talk 00:00-18:10; prayers 19:25-22:45)















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