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Sermons at St Thomas's:

23rd September 2018: The Revd Kelvin Inglis, Rector of St Thomas's   (Readings 00:00-03:26; Gospel 03:26-05:15; sermon 05:15-21:10; prayers 21:10-26:35; notices 26:35-32:17)

16th September 2018: The Revd Wendy Cooper, associate priest at St Thomas's reminds us of the power of speech and our Christian duty to use it for God's Glory (Readings 00:00-04:20; Gospel 04:20-07:18; sermon 07:18-19:50; prayers 19:50-25:40; notices 25:40-30:44) Apologies  for sound drop-outs

9th September 2018: The visiting Archbishop Justin Badi Arama, Primate of South Sudan tells us how through necessity, they live by Faith on a daily basis and how in the West, with all its trappings, we need to work harder to live by such Faith. (Intro 00:00-01:06; Lessons 01:06-04:40; Gospel 04:50-07:16; sermon 07:16-17:50; prayers 17:50-23:02; notices 23:02-25:39)

2nd September 2018: The Revd Kelvin Inglis examines the vastness of God's creation yet his closeness to each of us and how we defile Him through embracing the opposite of His love. (Gospel 00:00-02:20; sermon 02:20-18:00; prayers 18:00-23:25; notices 23:25-27:25)

26th August 2018: The Revd Kelvin Inglis illustrates abiding in Christ, standing tall against evil and moving forward with forgiveness through the life of Howard Moody, composer and Auschwitz survivor. (Gospel 00:00-02:50; sermon 02:50-17:40; prayers 17:40-24:25; notices 24:25-27:35)

19th August 2018: The Revd Dominic Thornton, associate priest at St. Thomas's tells us how Christ meets us in our innermost selves at the Communion table. (Gospel 00:00-01:52; sermon 01:52-12:15; prayers 12:20-17:04; notices 17:11-19:43)

12th August 2018: Churches together service

5th August 2018: The Revd Kelvin Inglis weaves two stories about St Francis with the theme of Bread of Life and urges us to "Choose life". (Gospel 00:00-02:19; sermon 03:04-16:50; prayers 19:37-22:05; notices 22:05-28:09)

29th July 2018: Service unavailable

22nd July 2018: The Revd Charlie Allen, associate priest at St Thomas's reminds us that as Mary Magdalene was, we are witnesses to Christ's love, his resurrection and the hope that gives. (Gospel 00:00-03:00; sermon 03:00-14:45; prayers 14:45-19:00; notices, farewell to Charlie and a blessing on her family 19:00-33:45)

15th July 2018: The Revd Wendy Cooper, having survived her skydive - talks about Christ being our reference point, our plumb-line in life. (Gospel 00:00-03:40; sermon 03:45-16:50; prayers 17:00-23:45; notices 24:00-30:16)





















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