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Sermons at St Thomas's:

17th March 2019: Revd Kelvin Inglis explores the family likeness of the Christian community (Readings 00:00-04:46, Gospel 04:48-06:29, Sermon 06:32-19:57, Intercessions 19:57-25:52, Notices 25:53-end)

10th March 2019: Rather than using Lent to test our willpower, the Revd Wendy Cooper challenges us to discern the real things we need to change to bring us closer to Christ (Readings 00:00-04:25; Gospel 04:25-06:50; sermon 06:50-21:00; prayers 21:10-25:35; notices 25:35-28:05)

3rd March 2019: During this Civic service and one year on from the reckless criminal novichok incident in Salisbury, Kelvin Inglis, the rector of St. Thomas's, reminds us of our civic values, to recognise when they are being eroded and our duty to 'call them out' (Introduction 00:00-03:15; Collect and readings 03:15-06:30; sermon 06:30-18:25; prayers 18:25-20:45; notices 20:45-22:00)

24th February 2019: With the help of 3 new communicants, Revd Kelvin Inglis talks about remembering, belonging and sharing being at the heart of a communion service (Readings 00:00-05:55; Gospel 05:55-07:25; sermon 07:25-23:50; prayers 23:50-28:20; notices 28:20-32:25; Trumpet voluntary 32:25-37:10)

17th February 2019: Churches together service at the Methodist Church - no recording

10th February 2019: Service sadly unavailable due to technical problems 

3rd February 2019: The Revd Kelvin Inglis reflects on the Presentation of Christ in the Temple and the work of all Christians as sentinels, especially in the context of the completion of The Revd Dominic Thornton's curacy (Readings 00:00-03:33, Gospel 03:35-06:34, Sermon 06:36-22:36, Intercessions 22:43-27:23, Notices 27:24-31:52)

27th January 2019: On Holocaust Memorial day, The Revd Canon Guy Wilkinson talks about the importance of remembering those who lost their lives through injustice, prejudice, blame and hate just as we remember Christ, Himself a Jew, at every communion service. (Readings 00:00-05:40; Gospel 05:40-07:25; sermon 07:25-19:45; prayers 19:45-26:45) (The end of the prayers and the notices not recorded due to technical problems)

20th January 2019: The Revd Kelvin Inglis reflects on the wedding at Cana to show that by trusting in God we can set ourselves free from world weariness to live as God calls us to live (Readings 00:00-03:45, Gospel 03:47-05:42, Sermon 05:43-22:06, Intercessions 22:10-27:07, Notices 27:09-end)

13th January 2019: The Revd Wendy Cooper on Christ's Baptism (Readings 00:00-02:45, Gospel 02:45-04:45, sermon 04:45-17:30, prayers 17:30-21:10, notices 21:10-23:52)

































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