Our bells

Our bellringers ring us to worship on Sundays: click here for a 30-second sample of our bells.

We have a ring of eight bells in the key of D flat. Bell numbers 1-7 were cast by Robert Wells of Aldbourne in 1771 and the tenor, number 8, by Abraham Rudhall in 1716. The tenor weights 25cwt.

The bell tower was built between 1400 and 1404 and was originally separate to the church becoming incorporated into the south wall of the church in the late 15th century.

Within the tower the bells are arranged on two levels in a 1948 iron frame by Gillett and Johnston of Croydon with the treble (No.1), No.2 and No.5 on the top. In 2003/2004 the bells underwent a major refurbishment. The cannons were removed from Nos 5-8 and Nos 1-4 provided with modern cannon retainers. New clappers were also fitted. The bells were then retuned at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London.

Now we have a fine sounding and evenly struck ring.