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The Renewal of St Thomas’s

In 2020 St Thomas’s Church celebrates 800 years of service to God and the Salisbury city community.

Successive generations have looked to St Thomas’s as a place of prayer and worship, a focus of civic life and culture, a spiritual anchor and a source of practical support to those in need. The history of St Thomas’s is the story of people, through many generations, whose lives have been part of the very fabric of the city.

St Thomas’s is both a community and a building. The structure we see now, much of it dating from the fifteenth century, is one of great beauty and historical value. Many visitors to Salisbury enter St Thomas’s to enjoy its peace and to admire its treasures, not least the famous doom painting. Those who look up see a host of angels; heavenly messengers watching over church and city.

Inevitably, years of unceasing service, and indeed services, have taken their toll on the fabric of this venerable building and also highlighted some of its limitations. In order that St Thomas’s can continue to beat as the heart of the city, its leaders have identified a number of tasks and drawn up a programme of necessary repairs and modifications. The new glazed entrance of the church has given a taste of what can be achieved.

Our congregation and supporters are generous, but we find we are using our precious and limited reserves to maintain the church building and the situation cannot last indefinitely; the money will run out.

That is why we at St Thomas’s are launching Quest 2020, our appeal to generate new funds. These funds will pay for essential repair and renovation, as well as improvement and innovation. We want the wonders of St Thomas’s to shine with even greater brilliance, as we the church community continue to play our part in the life and work of our beautiful city.

To raise the funds to save St Thomas’s -
this is our Quest.

Upcoming Events

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8.00 am - Morning Prayer

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