Quest 2020 – renew

Renewing St Thomas’s – making it flexible to serve the city community

What we have done so far:
  • Replaced the pews with moveable benches and chairs
  • Installed a new nave altar and communion rails
  • Installed modular and demountable staging
  • Improved the nave heating system
  • Installed more electrical circuits and points in the nave
  • Installed new storage facilities in the young people’s area
  • Installed a new font
  • Expanded storage facilities to declutter the church

Slide show: Here are some photos of the renewal work.

  • A poultice was used to leach out accumulated soiling and stains from the base of the nave pillars

Photo credits ©: Peter Horwood, Steve Hoffman

We still need to:

  • Improve the access and safety of disabled visitors at the west entrance
  • Renovate and expand the existing toilet facilities
  • Install new lighting systems that enhance the church’s historical assets
  • Install a new sound system
  • Install a digital information and communications system