Worship with us

We offer three Sunday services plus 8am weekday services every day except Saturday using both the Common Worship (modern English) and Book of Common Prayer (traditional English) wording. Everyone is welcome to any of our services.

St Thomas’s Covid Policy : Summer 2021
St Thomas’s is taking advantage of the lifting of restrictions while ensuring safety and respecting the differing needs of members of the congregation.
There is no requirement to wear masks but some will wish to do so. We encourage people to spread out and be sensitive to others’ needs.
Seating in the side aisles is for those who wish to observe social distancing. Seating in the nave is unrestricted but please spread out.
Congregational singing is allowed.
The Peace is exchanged by gesture and not touch.
At Holy Communion, the priest will now say words at the administration.
We hope to offer refreshments on a Sunday morning soon, and to reopen the Tuesday and Saturday refreshments and bookstall in early September.
As we proceed with care, please be sensitive to the needs of others.

Sunday Services

8am Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer) Said service of communion using the historic liturgy of the Church of England. Held in the Lady Chapel.

10.15am Parish Communion (Common Worship) A celebration of communion for all in modern English, with support from the wonderful St Thomas’s choir. This service is also livestreamed – click the link under ‘Next Sunday’ for the next livestreamed service..

6pm Evensong (Book of Common Prayer) Sung evening prayer using the historic liturgy of the Church of England, again with support from the wonderful St Thomas’s choir. During the darker months, Evensong is at 4pm.

Weekday Services

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 8am Morning Prayer (Common Worship) Said morning prayer in modern English.

Wednesday 8am Holy Communion (Common Worship) A simple said service of communion at the nave altar.

For further details of readings and music at the next Sunday service, see the St Thomas’s Weekly Notice Sheet.