“ability to celebrate at the drop of a hat”
“I absolutely love the music at St Thomas’s and I’m forever thankful for the wonderful group of people I have met”
“the friendly welcome I get every Sunday”
“ability to embrace and enjoy change”
“like a second family”
“sense of belonging”
“an education team arranges opportunities for learning, reflection, discussion, spiritual growth”
“that old drama school exercise when one person stands in the middle, goes rigid and falls, trusting everyone else in the circle around them to catch them – that’s us, always.”
“I value the people and what I learn from them, clergy or laity”
“I like the communion wine”
“sacramental well central to a community of prayer, support and learning”
“the welcome was generous and the sense of family, community and belonging was instant”
“I love being part of the choir and the joy of biscuits and juice at the end”
“superb music which enriches the services”
“people rooted and grounded in prayer, aware of their love for, and dependence on, a loving Creator”
“community, people, inclusivity”
“thoughtful preaching”
“wonderful bunch of people who gather at 8am to pray together”
“traditional services”
“being able to be involved and feel a part of what is going on”
“tradition AND innovation”
“strong community spirit”
“I love the sense of family, love and common purpose”
“quality of the preaching”
“Tradition without stiffness; Love without compromise”
“refreshes me through word, music and friendship”
“spiritual,friendly and supportive community”
“warmth and welcome – whether someone comes as a worshipper, visitor, seeker after ancient sites, or something they know not what”
“powers of spiritual renewal and refreshment”
“strong bonds”
“peace and calmness of the building”
“opportunities to explore and develop our faith”
“a family lovingly embracing everyone, warts and all”
“general ambiance of camaraderie and willingness to help”
“a feeling of community and where you can meet other people who you may not otherwise have met who enjoy the same sort of things as you”
“one of the best things about St Thomas’s is the choir (and getting paid)”
“our second family and home”